Mushroom Garden

Mushroom Garden Installation

Wine cap mushroom patches can be created on any area in your property with shade and access to water. Wine cap mushrooms grow out of wood chips, straw, cardboard, slices of logs, and any other wood material. We add the King Stropharia mycelium to fresh material and in as little as six months new mushrooms may appear with regular watering.

Shiitake mushroom gardens can also be built on any property with shade and water available. Mushrooms grow in very little space and are easier to work with than most people expect. If you have trees on your property, we may be able to use them to harvest logs to grow Shiitakes. Sugar Maple and Oak trees work best for Shiitake cultivation. Logs can be soaked in a small water troth, or irrigated with a sprinkler to simulate heavy rainstorm-like conditions. Once inoculated, Shiitake logs take 9 to 12 months to colonize completely before fruiting, and once they fruit they can continue to do so for years, yielding many pounds of mushrooms!